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ARISS Telebridge Photos

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Shaftesbury High School's ARISS Telebridge Station Photos


ARISS stands for Amateur Radio on the International Space Station. The Shaftesbury ARISS telebridge station (SATS) is an amateur radio station built for Shaftesbury students to conduct radio contacts linking schools around the world to astronauts/cosmonauts aboard the International Space Station. The station was assembled between the fall of 2013 and the winter of 2014-15 under the leadership of Stefan Wagener (VE4NSA) and with the assistance of teachers Adrian Deakin (VA4AMD), Rob Striemer (VE4SHS) and many students. There are about a dozen ARISS telebridge stations around the world. Shaftesbury is the first Canadian ARISS telebridge station. Below are links to some station assembly photos and images related to Amateur Radio on the International Space Station.


Station Photos


Shaftesbury Ready for Dragonskolan ARISS Contact (Nov. 24, 2015)

Telebridge Station Map

Inside the Shaftesbury ARISS Telebridge Station

ARISS Telebridge Stations Around the Globe

The Prairie Mobile Banner

Tracking SO-50

Prairie Mobile Kenwood Canada Visit

SATS January 2014 Antenna Assembly

WARC Flea Market

CSA Astronaut Jeremy Hansen

A Beautiful Spring Day - Prairie Mobile Crew

Snakes on A Roof

Dish Antenna Build

SATS Antennae Spring 2014

SATS Hams Fall 2014

AMSAT Conference - STS Discovery

AMSAT Conference - OSCAR-1

SATS Antennas At Sunset

ARISS Telebridge Locations



February 2015


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