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ARISS Contact Day

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This page provides the SATS team with useful information and links to sites that could be helpful when planning an ARISS contact or when tracking/communicating with any Earth satellite.





National Research Council Time


The Current Crew of the International Space Station

ISS Expedition


Satellite Passes

The following Satellite Pass Prediction web sites require your position and UTC/GMT offset.


Station Setup Procedures and Practice Scripts

Setup Procedure (May 2015)

Cristoforetti Contact Script (May 2015)


QTH for Winnipeg:

latitude: 49.8570, longitude: -97.2295, grid EN19ju, elevation 229 metres, -5 hours for CST and -6 hours for CDST


QTH for Pinawa:

50.1527, -95.8821, 282m


AMSAT Online Satellite Pass Predictions

ISS Passes N2YO.com

Heavens Above Satellite Pass Predictions (with sky maps)

Active Satellite Frequencies (AMSAT-UK)

FUNcube-1 (AO-73) Real Time Online Satellite Tracking

Amateur Radio Satellite Tracker 


Current Location of the ISS


ISS Viewer

ISS Tracker



School Application for ARISS Contacts with the ISS

For Schools Outside the USA


ARISS.net for APRS contacts with the ISS

APRS frequency used by ISS is 145.825 MHz


Audio Clips from ARISS Contacts

Indiana School - October 17, 2014






USTREAM Live ISS Earth Viewing Experiment (ESA)

USTREAM Live ISS Earth Viewing Experiment (NASA)




British Amateur Television Club (BATV) Online TV broadcasts of UK ARISS contacts


Working Amateur Radio Satellites with a Hand Held Transceiver

AO-51 Example

SO-50 with a Baofeng UV-5R and here


Amateur Radio Stations Heard by the ISS (APRS Digipeaters)



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