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SHARP Amateur Radio

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Basic Qualification Amateur Radio Exam Page


This page includes links useful to students studying for the Industry Canada exam for basic amateur radio certification. A four day basic course is offered through the Winnipeg Amateur Radio Club (WARC). Occasionally SHARP is able to host the course at Shaftesbury High School on Saturdays but generally the course runs at the Senior's Club station (old fire hall) on St. Mary's Avenue in St. Vital. Over time we will be adding more study materials including PowerPoint presentations on different topics covered in the basic certification course.


WARC's Basic Short Course Students:


Please download, print and read the file called "The Yellow Folder" prior to the first class. The first class covers Measurement and Basic Electronics Theory (pages 9 - 12) and Regulations (25% of the exam). You should also download and look over the file called RIC-7. It is Industry Canada's basic qualification Exam Question Bank. Your 100 exam questions will be taken from the roughly 1000 questions in this bank. Its over 100 pages long so you will not want to print it but have it handy on a computer for reference. Each question has an answer. Finally, the Industry Canada Exam Generator is an essential tool to help you prepare for the exam. You should not attempt the exam until you are able to score over 80% on the practice exam. Best wishes/73.





  1. Exam Bank PDF File

  2. Exam Bank PPT file

  3. T-line Presentation PDF File

  4. T-Line Presentation PPT File


Other Materials:

Introduction to Amateur Radio Video

Winnipeg Amateur Radio Club Course Registration

Mr. Deakin's Ham Radio Page

ECOA Free Online Course

Industry Canada Available Call Signs

Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC)


Basic Course 13 Resources

Sorry to say, SHARP is unable to give credit to the volunteers who originally put these materials together.


Date Topic Instructor Notes
Feb 25 - 9 AM Chapter 2:  Basic Electrical Theory Rob Striemer (VE4SHS)  Lesson-5 Electronic Theory.pptx  
Feb-25 Chapter 3: Ohm’s Law & Power Rob Striemer  
Feb-25 Chapter 4:  Inductors & Capacitors Rob Striemer  
Feb 25 - 1 PM  Chap. 1:  Introduction to Amateur Radio Dylan Fijal (VA4DFJ) Lesson-1 Regulations.ppt  
Feb-25 Chapter 12: Q codes, phonetics, emerg comms, etc. Dylan Fijal  
Feb-25 Chapter 17:  Regulations, Towers, etc. Dylan Fijal  
March 4 - 9 AM Chapter 5:  Wavelength, Frequency and Bands Collin Stanners (VE4CST)  
March 4 - 9 AM Chapter 6:  Propagation Collin Stanners  
March 4 - 9 AM Ch. 7: Transmission Lines Collin Stanners  
March 4 - 1 PM Ch. 10:  Power Supplies Peter Toth (VE4TTH)  
March 4 - 1 PM Chapter 11: Setting up an Amateur Radio Station Peter Toth  
March 4 - 1 PM Chapter 12:  Operating an Amateur Radio Station Peter Toth  

March 11 - 9 AM

Chapter 8: Antennas

Tina Tenbergen (VA4THN)


March 11

Chapter 8: Antennas

Tina Tenbergen


March 11

Chapter 9:  Diodes, Transistors and Tubes

Tina Tenbergen

Diodes Transistors Tubes.pptx  

March 11 - 1 PM

Chapter 13:  Modulation and Transmitters

Jim Townsend (VE4CY)


March 11

Chapter 14:  Receivers

Jim Townsend


March 11

Practice Exam

Jim Townsend


March 18 – 9 AM

Chapter 15: Radio Frequency Interference

Bob Jacobs (VE4RCJ)




Chapter 16:  Safety

Bob Jacobs




Bob Jacobs


March 18 - 1 PM

Review & Practice Exam

Rob Striemer


March 25 – 9 AM

Industry Canada Final Exam 9:00 AM

Adam Romanchuk



Old Files

Regulations                                                 ppt   

Electrical Theory                                                    ppt

Establishing A Station                                           ppt                     

Station Operations                                                ppt          

Receivers and Transmitters                                 ppt

Power Supplies                                                       ppt

Active Devices: Diodes, Transistors & Tubes   ppt

Electronic Theory                                                   ppt

Transmission Lines                                               ppt           pdf

Propagation                                                           pdf

Intereference                                                       ppt             pdf

Antennas                                                               ppt

Semiconductors                                                   ppt

AC Circuits                                                            ppt

Ham Glossary                                                                         pdf



Other Amateur Radio Presentations

Build a Tape Measure Yagi            pdf

HAM Radio Glossary                    pdf

How a Radio Works                     pdf

The Last Mile                              ppt

HF                                             ppt



revised March 2016




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