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SATS Supporters

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SATS - Shaftesbury ARISS Telebridge Service

Related Developments he new satellite tracking station is under construction. For the latest photos, please visit us on Flickr.


March 2014


ARISS - Amateur Radio on the International Space Station



Amateur radio is used to connect students in schools around the globe with astronauts aboard the international Space Station (ISS). Shaftesbury High School is currently fundraising for the construction of a permanent ARISS telebridge station to be operated by Shaftesbury students. These students must be certified radio amateurs. They will call up the astronauts aboard the space station when it is overhead Manitoba and travelling at a speed of about 27500 km/h. To make the contact, the directional antennas of our satellite tracking station will follow the ISS across the sky under precise computer control. The Shaftesbury ARISS Telebridge Service (SATS) will link a distant school to the ISS using a phone patch and the radios and antennas of the satellite tracking station. 



The Shaftesbury's ARISS telebridge station will be operational by 2014 and it will be the only permanent ARISS telebridge station in Canada.


Specific details on ARISS contacts can be found here.


September 2013


Donors to the Shaftesbury High School ARISS Telebridge Project


We would like to thank the following donors:


Private Donors


David Rosner (VE4DAR - Winnipeg)

Derek Boutang (Winnipeg)

Jocelyn Striemer (Winnipeg)

Inez Striemer (Winnipeg)

Victor and Par Pagtakhan (Winnipeg)

James Donaldson (VE4JDH - Winnipeg)

Dick MaGuire (VE4HK - Winnipeg)

Gordon Jewsbury (VE4OK - Winnipeg)

Dan Keizer (VE4DRK - Winnipeg)

Rick Shumila (VE4RIC - Winnipeg)

Alan Thoren (VE4YZ) (Yaesu FT847, Yaesu rotator, 2 dual band yagis for backup system - Winnipeg)

David Barnard (Winnipeg)

Holly Campbell (Winnipeg)

Debbie Spencer (Winnipeg)

John & Jessie Glenn (Winnipeg)

Kelvin Hein (2 Uninterrupted Power Supplies - Winnipeg)

Kay Wagener (Winnipeg)

Audrey Froebe (Winnipeg)

Lenny & Daisy Lin (Pinawa)

Terry Duguid (Winnipeg)

Leor Drory (Winnipeg)

Sue Clayton (Winnipeg)


Organization Donors

The Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC) 

The Science Teachers' Association of Manitoba (STAM) 


Prairie Mobile Communications 



Kenwood Canada   


Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Manitoba (APEGM) 

The Winnipeg Amateur Radio Club (WARC) Donation of Two Receive Preamplifiers WARC


Lake of the Woods Hotel 


Solara Remote Data Delivery



Please help us reach our goal of $15000 which will allow us to complete the construction of the Shaftesbury ARISS Telebridge Station.




Shaftesbury ARISS Telebridge Project Donations


For tax receiptable donations to the Shaftesbury High School ARISS Telebridge Project, please make cheque payable to the Pembina Trails Educational Support Fund and write on the memo line "Shaftesbury ARISS Account".


The Pembina Trails School Division

181 Henlow Bay
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3Y 1M7
Phone: (204) 488-1757
Fax: (204) 488-2095




August 2014 


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