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Related Developments

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SHARP Visits Laidlaw School


SHARP students do some outreach including visits to other schools to explain our activities. In April 2104 several students visited Laidlaw. Here are a couple of photos.



University of Manitoba Host Dream Big Event - March 13, 2014 with Neil DeGrasse Tyson


A few lucky memebers of SHARP (past and present) were able to attend a very special event. Here are our photos!



WARC Flea Markets & NASA Space APPS Challenge


SATS || SHARP will have a table at WARC's spring flea market Sunday, April 12th 2014. Look for new our banner. Please stop by.


The Winnipeg Amateur Radio Club (WARC) hosted its semi-annual flea market on Sunday, October 20, 2013 at the Heritage Victoria Community Club in Winnipeg. SHARP will have a table to promote the Shaftesbury ARISS Telebridge station. VE4ISS - the Shaftesbury ARISS Telebridge station crew photo



Shaftesbury student Jake Booth VE4RED, will represent SHARP at the annual NASA Space Apps Challenge at the U of M's faculty of engineering. Good luck Team Manitoba!   


April 2014 



World Space Week 2013


SHARP is participating in this years World Space Week (October 4th - 10th) by conducting an altitude test of SHARP's Arduino/GPS cutdown circuit. This circuit, designed to release a payload from a high altitude weather balloon will instead be installed below a small 100 gram tethered balloon and will ignite the engine of a small rocket suspended upon reaching the programmed altitude. The hybrid rocket-balloon is called a rockoon. Or hope is to conduct the test during the lunch hour behind the school on Tuesday, October 8th but we will need very calm winds to ensure a successful test so the actual date may vary. Rockoon pictures to follow! An earlier test of the circuit on a SHARP "rocket sled" was conducted on "Sputnik Day" (Oct. 4th, 2013). 


Pictures of the rockoon test are now on Flickr here and on the World Space Week Flickr site.



October 2013

Manitoba Space Adventure Camp 2013


Nine of the thirty-nine participants in this years Manitoba Space Adventure Camp were students attending Shaftesbury High School. The annual space engineering summer camp was held at the University of Manitoba (Engineering Information and Technology Complex) between August 19th and 23rd. MSAC activities included, soldering and robot building, rocket building, "fox" hunting or amateur radio direction finding (ARDF), building with composite materials, an introduction to orbital mechanics using STKSAE competitions at the U of M, and a presentation on the history of the Shaftesbury High Altitude Robotics project, SHARP to name a few. 


  Matt already knows how to guzzle coffee like an engineer but can he assemble a functioning solar powered robot?  


Ham TV is Aboard the ISS


Installation of the ARISS television system should be completed by the fall of 2013.


ARISS Ham TV Antenna to go on ISS


Arduino's in Space?


You already know that Arduino's are inexpensive open source microcontrollers used on SHARP high altitude balloon flights to log data from sensors, operate motors and release payloads at programmed locations. But, did you know that the Arduino will soon be in Earth orbit? ArduSat-1 is on the international space station and is to be placed in orbit this fall. Now consider this. You will be able to upload your space experiment sketch to the ArduSat! Space is going open source thanks to Arduino!  

Massimo Banzi on TED


August 2013 



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