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SHARP Visitors

Page history last edited by Robert Striemer 10 years, 4 months ago

SHARP has many special friends in the community who continue to make very important contributions to the program however, the purpose of this page is to recognize those special visitors who have really gone out of their way to visit SHARP and Shaftesbury High School.


Astronaut Jeremy Hansen of the Canadian Space Agency paid SHARP a visit in 2012. Major Hansen made a presentation to students on the CSA, astronaut training and the International Space Station (ISS) and he took questions from the audience of students after the talk.


Jeremy R. Hansen Astronaut with the Canadian Space Agency (CSA)



Major Jeremy Hansen made a very special presentation to SHARP students in the new library on May 1, 2012. 


September 2012 

Canadian Space Agency Chief Scientist, International Space Station and Health and Life Sciences, Dr. Nicole Buckley visited Shaftesbury High School and delivered a very interesting presentation on the importance of microgravity research on small organisms. It was fascinating to see the reactions of various animals including, birds, snakes, cats, and spiders to microgravity. Dr. Buckley was accompained on stage by her charming poodle Munchkin. "When we think of life as we know it, it has all evolved with the field of gravity. Most scientists will tell you, when they want to know what something does, you take it away and see what happens. The space station has given us the opportunity to take away a fundamental of life as we know it and see what happens." 



March 2011

City Councillor John Orlikow (River Heights - Fort Garry Ward) inspected the SHARP ground station in 2010. John is pictured here playing along with students who appear fascinated by the empty SHARP-1 capsule.



November 2010




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