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SHARP 3 Mission

Page history last edited by Robert Striemer 9 years, 8 months ago

SHARP 3 Mission Goals


1. To improve High Altitude Balloon (HAB) launch procedures

2. To use a GPS/Arduino/cutdown circuit to release a RC aircraft at low programmed altitude and the payload at high programmed altitude 

3. To use an Arduino microcontroller and logger shield to record acceleration in three dimensions 

4. To use an Arduino and logger shield to record position and altitude data from several GPS receivers (GPS Precision Experiment) 

5. To use two precision temperature sensors to determine the effect of radiant heating in the stratosphere (Stratospheric Heating Experiment)

6. To use an Arduino, logger shield and Geiger counter to record radioactivity throughout the flight 

7. To determine the mutagenic effect of stratospheric radiation using streptomycin resistant E. coli (Radiation Induced Mutation Experiment)

8. To improve imaging (1 horizontal GoPro video, 1 downward pointing Canon taking stills at intervals, 2 808 #16 key chain video boom cameras)

9. To record close-up video of Arduino controlled RC aircraft drop and payload release using boom cameras 




SHARP 3 Payload Work 




Photos of the SHARP Ground Station - September 2012


September 2012




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