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SHARP 1 Mission Goals


1. To launch a scientific research payload on a High Altitude weather Balloon (HAB)

2. To track the payload using the amateur radio APRS - Automatic Packet Reporting System

3. To recover the HAB and its video camcorder

4. To record images of the curvature of the Earth and of outer space. 

5. To obtain flight data including altitude, airspeed (wind velocity), latitude and longitude

6. To report the findings of the mission



SHARP's first HAB flight occurred on October 22nd, 2010. The team of students and teachers launched SHARP-1 from the airfield at Erickson Manitoba. The payload reached an altitude of 107 000 feet near Portage la Prairie then descend to the ground by parachute. Using a GPS receiver on the payload and the APRS, the flight was followed in real time via the internet. Five chase cars of students and teachers pursued SHARP-1 for over 200 kilometres and recovered the payload in an open field near Springstein, Manitoba.  A video camera captured the balloon’s entire 3.5 hour journey and shows beautiful pictures of Earth’s curvature, Earth's atmosphere and the blackness of space. 




October 2010 



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