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Shaftesbury Overhead Amateur Repeater: SOAR 1

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The SOAR 1 Mission


Shaftesbury Overhead Amateur Repeater 1 was SHARP's first experiment with a high altitude cross band amateur radio repeater. S.O.A.R. 1 was also SHARP's first time participating in the Global Space Balloon Challenge. The primary mission was to work with and mentor four other Winnipeg high schools to develop a wider base of HAB and amateur radio expertise in Winnipeg schools. All five schools started work on their individual projects in February of 2015. It was surprising that all five schools were able to produce such a good result in such a short time. The five schools launched from behind Morden Collegiate on the morning of April 24th and all five payloads were eventually recovered. It must be admitted that this first effort at a mass launch was not perfect or even close to it but it served a very useful purpose. All five schools now have ongoing HAB and amateur radio programs or STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) projects. Amateur radio provides the foundation for what will hopefully become credit course at many Winnipeg schools.


The high altitude balloon launches were delayed by gusting winds and an accidental loss of one balloon (but not its payload). The loss of the balloon was quickly rectified. Shaftesbury, Fort Richmond, St. James, Garden City and Maples HABs were all in the air by 11:35 AM and the chase began. Over the course of the afternoon and evening all but the St. James Collegiate HAB payload had been recovered. 

The patience of the St. James Collegiate students was rewarded when their payload was discovered on a farm north-east of Morris on May 20th. Much thanks is due to the very busy farmer (name unknown) who picked up their payload which included a data logger and video cameras.


SOAR 1 was dedicated to all those who have been affected by cancer including many of the students and staff of Shaftesbury High School. 



SOAR-1 received the 2015 GSBC award for the most helpful team. With hard work, maybe one of our HAB group will again win in 2016. It will no doubt be a great deal of fun for all involved. Tentative launch date is set for April 29th if weather, spring flooding and intense seeding activity permit. SOAR 1 Launch video captured from an action cam on a  SHARP RC aircraft.


HAB Launch-sm.mp4


February 2016


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